How to connect to innea apartment.

Step 1

Start the innea apartment application and click on the settings symbol on the top right.

Step 2

In the settings menu switch to the “connect” tab and press the start button for starting the server.

  • The status must now read: Server is running.
  • The connect server must be licensed for the device you try to connect (e.g. Licensed for: iPad).

Step 3

Now, enter the displayed IP in the innea connect app. After that, press the connect button and you should be connected with innea apartment.


If it still doesn’t work, please check the following:

  • innea connect and innea apartment must be in the same network and IP address range, for example in your local company network.
  • Make sure that innea apartment isn’t blocked by you firewall. You can check this by pressing the Windows key and submit the eventual firewall popup in the background.
  • Windows running under Parallels might cause problems due the virualized network settings. We recommend in this case to use Bootcamp instead.