Improve your conversion-rate


In the following article, we will provide you guidelines and background information about improving your website’s conversion-rate with the innea cinema.

Why should I care about that, you might ask yourself now. Well, better conversion-rate basically means, more website visitors are turned into prospect. That’s what we developed the innea cinema for in the first place!

Conversion is a wide spread topic and we can only scatch the surface a little bit. But if you like to read more, there is an excellent wikipedia article about it. But let’s give it a go now!


The currency in the world wide web is attention. Websites compete with each other about it and have only a few seconds to grasp it, before the visitor leaves again. We note that static media alone (texts with pictures) suggests effort to the new visitor and let the attention fade quickly. By using videos or interactive applications, you stand out from the mass and gain the attention of new visitors more easily. Here the innea marketingtools come into play.

However, further information (and how to get there) needs to be available on your website. If there is no such information, your user will eventually leave your website after seeing enough of the innea webdemo.

Hence two steps are necessary. The first step is to lead new visitors to the interactive marketingtool application. The second step is to implement call-to-action buttons next to the marketingtool.

Step 1: Gain attention

Provide a clearly visible shortcut to the marketingtool on your main page. Best would be a nice thumbnail preview with a play arrow icon. The arrow icon as metaphor is recognized by most visitors as easy-on-the-eye content, like videos or interactive content. A click on the thumbnail should bring up a site with the demo.

Step 2: Call to Action

Underneath the interactive demo, you should implement additional actions for the user. Those actions highly depend on what you have in mind with your visitor. Some possibilities would be:

  • Call us today at 02202 969963
  • Learn more about automation with MYCOMPANY
  • Like this on Facebook/Google+/Twitter
  • Probably you have even more ideas what you want to do with the gained attention. However, keep it short and simple. Short calls-to-action texts with additional icons (phone icon, info icon, facebook icon …). If you provide too much, this can frighten the visitor as well as if you provide nothing!


    In two steps you can gain the attention of your visitor and direct it towards some actions you like him to consider. Those two guidelines help you to reveal the full potential of your webdemo. We at innea wish you all the best with the innea cinema on your website!