Without furniture

Simple and elegant, the rooms speak for themselves. Windows, doors and stairs help your orientation.

2D Basic2D Pro3D Basic3D Pro
<2000ft²USD 590USD 740USD 890USD 1040
2001-3000ft²USD 890USD 1040USD 1190USD 1340
3001-4000ft²USD 1190USD 1340USD 1490USD 1640
4001-5000ft²USD 1490USD 1640USD 1790USD 1940
>5000ft²Custom quoteCustom quoteCustom quoteCustom quote

With furniture

The premises are equipped with standard furniture. Everything is more habitable and individual rooms can be distinguished better.

2D Basic2D Pro3D Basic3D Pro
<2000ft²USD 890USD 1040USD 1190USD 1340
2001-3000ft²USD 1190USD 1340USD 1490USD 1640
3001-4000ft²USD 1490USD 1640USD 1790USD 1940
4001-5000ft²USD 1790USD 1940USD 2090USD 2240
>5000ft²Custom quoteCustom quoteCustom quoteCustom quote

Volume discount

innea is your reliable partner for floor plans. We look forward to seeing you as a new regular customer! Starting from the second floor plan, you save 20%.

1.floor plan-
2. – 5.floor plan20%
6. – 10.floor plan30%