Control your rooms
the most natural way

innea floorplan is the easiest and fastest way to unfold your clients’ house
directly to their fingertips.

Choose your style

innea floorplans come in different styles. In a standardized process we craft and deliver the perfect floorplan for your client.

2d basic

Our standard floor plan: Crisp and clean, easy to use and without any distractions it offers a great level of usability.

2d pro

Closer to the real world: We texturize the floors according to your needs, and put standard furniture inside. We want your client to feel at home.

3d basic

Step into the third dimen-sion: We love the abstract style! The floorplan can be colorized to perfectly match your GUI design.

3d pro

Our high-end solution: 3D floorplans with realistic looking textures and lighting. You can’t get any closer to the real world!