Juli 20, 2012

innea apartment v1.6

  • innea apartment is now available in French language as well!! Thanks to our friends at MEDIACLASS to make this happen.
  • Fixed an issue with two Crestron devices, that did not like to load and show up.
Juni 11, 2012

innea apartment v1.5

  • Fixed a bug with the connect server, where occasionally TCP/IP Packets where not sent.
  • Added information about current version under Settings -> License & Updates -> Updates.
  • Fixed a rare bug with parallel mouse and innea connect user input.
April 27, 2012

innea apartment v1.4

  • On the FOX Sports TV channel you can now watch a football game.
  • The movie Thirst was removed due to inappropriate content.
  • Fixed potential crash if the in-app logo was not a power-of-two image.
  • Better user interface structure across different device manufacturers.
Januar 27, 2012

innea apartment v1.3

  • The long awaited update to the licensing server is finally there!
    • You can use the innea apartment without time limit or recurring payments
    • Your updates & support period can be extended after 1 year. You always get the latest version of the innea apartment within your update & support period.
    • You can uninstall & deactivate the software on one workstation and transfer your license to another one

We’d like to thank all supporters and early adopters of our software for their trust and great feedback! We think the new licensing system is really, really fair and the perfect solution for all of us :) . Thumbs up gentlemen!

Oktober 2, 2011

innea apartment v1.2

  • The internal connect server is done, now other devices like the iPad can control the innea apartment, which is really, really exciting!
  • Device Filter added. You can specify presets for different device configurations.