Integrate the standard version

In just two steps you have put the innea boardroom standard webdemo on your server and can easily embed it into any of your websites.

Step 1: Upload required files to your webserver

If not already done, download the innea boardroom core package:

innea boardroom Download
innea boardroom v1.2.1
zip zip (23.3 MB)

Unzip it and upload its content to your webserver, for example to the directory root/3rdparty/innea_boardroom/.

Test the installation by opening your browser and accessing the following page:

Replace 3rdparty/innea_boardroom with the directory where you have the content of the ZIP file uploaded to.

The page should look like this page. Don’t be surprised about the license notice, it will disappear once you have received your license key from us and embedded it into your HTML. How this works you will see in the next step.

Step 2: Embed the webdemo into your HTML site(s)

a) Place the following code in the <head> or just before the closing </body> tag of your site: (if you are using a CMS, check out how to add JavaScript to your page!):

<script type"text/javascript" src="your_webdemo_location/assets/script/loader.js"></script>

b) Add the following code where the webdemo should appear on your site:

<div id="innea-office-webdemo" 

Parameter overview

id Identifier for the JavaScript loader. Needs to be "innea-office-webdemo".
file The flash file to load. Replace "your_webdemo location" with the absolute or relative URL to the web demo files on your webserver.
language Here you can specify the language of the webdemo. The following languages are available:
  • de
  • en_us
  • en_gb
bgcolor Change the background color of the webdemo, so that it integrates seamlessly into the design of your website. The parameter expects a value in hex ​​RGB format: "#RRGGBB"
license With your purchase you will receive a license key which will unlock the webdemo for your domains. This protects you from potential Flash piracy by third parties. Replace "your_license_key" by your own license key.