Mai 9, 2012

innea boardroom v1.2.1

  • Added .htaccess file to disable GZIP content delivery for media assets. This improves content streaming delivery and also fixes loading issues with certain browsers.
  • Removed any linkage to the ExternalInterface class to better comply with varying server settings.
  • Added version.txt file containing information about the version of the current installation.
April 26, 2012

innea boardroom v1.2

  • French localization thanks to MEDIACLASS, our distributor for France.
  • Improved GUI loading during webdemo start.
  • Improved custom panorama image loading for custom version. On slow internet connections the panorama sometimes was not displayed from the very beginning.
  • Improved video loading swirl. It is now displayed after 1 second video download time. Also it works much smoother with the TV stations.
  • Fixed a bug where the noflash image was not showing on iPad, if webdemo dimensions were specified in parent div.
  • It is now possible to load a custom GUI for the tablet.
Januar 30, 2012

innea boardroom v1.1

  • the webdemo can now be scaled to properly fit in your website.
  • Custom version of the webdemo was implemented, including
    • Exchangeable panorama image
    • Selectable GUI color
    • Custom logo
    • Custom intro
  • Minor performance improvements
  • Nicer fallback image if Adobe Flash is not available. We know, we know, an HTML5 version would be pretty cool. We’re working on making this happen, iPad users, we haven’t forgotten you ;)
Oktober 6, 2011

innea boardroom v1.0

This was the first release of the innea boardroom.